Police Reports and Apostille

In UK the document required by Andorran authorities to prove your criminal record is clean is called a SUBJECT DATA ACCESS FORM under the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1988. Any person may request this information from the police by completing the appropriate form and paying a ten pound fee. Normally the request will be sent through Constabulary where the person lives or used to love, but this is not compulsory. Any person can apply to the Metropolitan Police Force.

Scotland police records differ from England and Wales. If you are Scottish you will need to apply to Scotland..

Applicants from other countries will need to contact their local police authorities to seek information. Some countries such as the USA also require fingerprint forms and each country may differ slightly in procedure.

Also please note that if you do have a criminal record in any country, your application for residency may well still be accepted. It seems that this is decided on a case by case basis ad anything minor will not influence your application.

Document Legislation

Apostille is a stamp and a signature on the back of the document which confirms that the signature on the document has been checked with the database at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Milton Keynes ( for UK applicants) and is correct and genuine. Not all countries have signed Hague convention. If your country has not signed a Hague Convention you will need to identify the equivalent procedure for legalizing the document in your country and before arrival you should scan and e-mail them to us so we could verify at Andorra Immigration Office that the stamp is acceptable.

This page will definitely help you to find the valid legalization body in your country.

The Hague Convention abolished the requirements of diplomatic and consular legalization for public documents originating in one Convention country and intended to use in another. Documents that have been certified with an apostille will not need further legalization to be used in another convention country. Andorra is a signatory to the Convention.

In the UK the department for issuing apostilles is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( FCO). Applications can be made by post or in person at:


The Lagalisation Office
Norfolk House ( West)
437 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes


The public counter is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM till 3.30 PM. No appointment is necessary. You do not need to bring identification documents and anyone can present the documents on your behalf.

Milton Keynes is the only place in the UK that can issue this stamp and without this stamp Andorran Authorities will not accept your documents. Your marriage certificate is your spouse is relocating with you also requires this stamp.

Postal applications can take up to 3 weeks for processing and additional delays can occur if Foreign and Commonwealth Office are particularly busy.