Enjoying the benefits of living in Andorra is easier than you may think!

We have extensive contacts both with Government and with local estate agents and tax lawyers, experience with the documentation and an in -depth knowledge of the Government requirements. We are proud of our ability to help you and we can make your relocation to Andorra painless.

  • Free and non obligation advice on all aspects of Andorran residency requirements. We will advise the best hotels and locations for you to stay when you visit Andorra and most importantly our representative will meet you upon your arrival and spend time ensuring that you are familiar with the best aspects that Andorra has to offer.
  • Co-ordinating your application for residency, including the completion and acceptance by immigration officers of the full set of your documents.
  • Arranging viewings to suit your requirements for the rental or purchase of property through reliable partnered estate agents.
  • Arranging the basic minimum insurance cover to satisfy Immigration requirements,
  • Co-ordinating and arranging schooling for your children under 18 y.o.,
  • Personally introducing you to a bank manager in Andorra and arranging a meeting for you with a private investment banker should you wish to discuss personal investments through Andorran banks,
  • Co- ordinating and arranging the shipping and delivery to Andorra of your furniture and personal belongings from anywhere in the world,
  • Assistance in importing cars that you may wish to bring with you or purchase outside Andorra,
  • Personal assistance and help with connecting and installing electricity, telephne, Internet acces ( hish speed fibre optics now in Andorra for those with internet businesses), satellite dish, local driving license, and ski pass for the season.
  • Any other advice on matters relating to Andorra: Andorran taxes, Andorran living expenses, access, importing and exporting, local schooling, local wills, local driving licenses, and just about anything related to your relocation to Andorra.

We'll help you confirm to all the legal formalities, prepare the documents and submit them to the authorized Andorra federal agencies (Principat d'Andorra, Govern d'Andorra, Departament de Treball, Servei d'Immigracio). Our competence and experience in this area will significantly reduce the waiting time and risk of problems.