Anyone wishing to import a motor vehicle in Andorra must submit an Administrative Importation Document (DUA) and the original invoice of the vehicle to Andorran customs.

In case of a second-hand vehicle the Traffic Division of the Department of Economy of the Principality must be asked for an estimate of the value of the vehicle.


Owners of vehicles put on the road in Andorra must pay the IMI - Indirect tax on merchandise, which amounts to 7% of the value of the vehicle. An import duty of 7% of the book value of the car is payable when the car is officially "imported" and registration fees, plates etc. add another 130 Euros to the costs. New car prices must incorporate EU VAT charges if applicable, this affects Japanese and US cars. There is an annual license fee which varies with the power (CV) of the vehicle. For non-residents MT (tourist) plates can be purchased.


People residing in Andorra are not allowed to import vehicles of more than 3 years old. Exceptionally, someone intending to take up residence in Andorra may be allowed to import a vehicle not older than 5 years or older than 25 years in the Principality of Andorra.


As in most European countries in Andorra traffic circulates on the right hand side of the road. You will need an EU or international driving license and insurance green card. Car hire is available through local firms e.g. Avis & Hertz. A regular and inexpensive bus service of "clipols" connect the main towns and villages. Regular coach and jeep excursions are run to beauty spots throughout the Principality.